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Adding your Site URL to SeekOn

You can easily request that your site be added to SeekOn listings.  Just go to the most appropriate page in the directory that has a "Suggest a site" link at the bottom and follow the link for more instructions.  A one-year listing currently costs $10.  SeekOn would appreciate a return link. 

SeekOn/Local:  If your site is primarily of interest to people residing in or visiting a particular city or town in the U.S., Canada, or the Caribbean, request that your site listing be added to one of our locality pages by using the "suggest a site" link on the bottom of the particular SeekOn locality page.

SeekOn/General: If your site is of general interest, but likely to interest a local audience, you can submit your site to Open Directory. We use some of these listings for our general pages in Arts, Business, Shopping, Computing, Recreation, Society, or Health categories.

SeekOn reviews SeekOn listing requests, especially regarding appropriateness for the suggested SeekOn page.

SeekOn does not accept listing requests by email.

See the Submission Guidelines for more information.

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