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By using SeekOn, you agree to the following terms of service:

SeekOn has no control over and no responsibility for the content or operation of web sites listed in SeekOn directory listings.  SeekOn reviewers perform only a very cursory review of submitted sites and SeekOn does not in any way certify that any listed site is suitable for any particular purpose.  Some listed sites may be considered objectionable by some users.  Sites may change subsequent to SeekOn's acceptance of the site listing.  Some SeekOn site listings are supplied by third party reviewers.

SeekOn does not review or monitor messages posted by users on SeekOn message boards or forums.  You may find such messages to be objectionable. 

If you feel a message represents a personal attack or is otherwise inappropriate, notify SeekOn of the reason you feel the message should not appear and we will remove the message.  SeekOn reserves the right to remove any posted message for any reason.


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