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SeekOn Robot

If you submitted your site to SeekOn for listing on a SeekOn locality page the SeekOn spider (a "robot" software system) will visit your site during the submission process to check for a number of issues described below. If the submission fails during site submission and you feel that it should have worked properly, please use the contact form to report the details.

The robot will also occasionally visit all sites listed on SeekOn to verify that they still exist and their content continues to substantially match the title and description on SeekOn.

Site does not answer. The robot attempts to contact the site on the specified URL but it does not answer or the domain name is not found. This could be the result of an error typing the URL.

Page not found. The target page does not exist (404 error) - possible typing error.

Unsuitable content. The robot found indications of porn or other unsuitable content or the site says "under construction" or equivalent suggesting little or no content. Are there indications the site's domain name expired and is now owned by a "resale" "Buy this Domain!" operation?

Robots denied. The site has a site or page "noindex" tag that indicates the material on the submitted page is private and therefore should not be linked to by search engines or directories.

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