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Listing Your Web Site on SeekOn

Between beginning operations in 1999 and 2011, SeekOn directly accepted site listings for its local city and town pages at no cost.  Unfortunately, our success attracted increasingly aggressive and sophisticated spam attacks specifically targeting SeekOn.  These attacks greatly increased our site review workload and SeekOn could no longer afford to accept free submission of site URLs to SeekOn. We now charge a nominal fee for listings submitted directly to SeekOn ($10 for up to five listings for one year).

Free local listings on SeekOn may still be obtained by submitting your site to the appropriate city or town page on the Open Directory. The paid listing service has a number of advantages over the free service as described in Submission Guidelines

SeekOn also provides some general interest directory pages by subject (recreation, etc.).  Site information for these pages is provided by Open Directory but substantially reformatted by SeekOn.  We do not accept direct submissions for these pages.

Listing Your Web Site on SeekOn

If you would like your locally oriented  web site to appear on SeekOn, submit it to the appropriate locality pages in our local U.S., Canada, or Caribbean directory via the "suggest a site" link on the appropriate locality pages.  SeekOn reviews these submittals to ensure that they are of genuine local interest in the submitted community.  See our Submission Guidelines prior to submitting a site.

If you want to remove an existing SeekOn listing to your site see listing removal instructions.

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